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What Am I? Game

What Am I? Game

Guess the object on your card before the timer runs out! Shuffle the object cards and place face down in a pile. Give each player a pair of silly glasses. When itÕs your turn to play draw an object card. No peeking! Hold the card facing away from you as you slide it onto your silly glasses. Put your silly glasses on and flip the timer. Start asking yes or no questions to the other players. Anyone can answer, but they can only say ÒyesÓ or ÒnoÓ. Example questions: ÒAm I alive?Ó, ÒAm I small?Ó, ÒAm I loud?Ó If you guess the object on your card before the timer runs out, keep your card. If not, return the card to the bottom of the pile. The winner is the first player to collect 5 object cards.

Dimensions: 70 × 170 × 170 mm

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